My Priorities

We all want access to affordable healthcare, a great education for our children, and a good job. As your state representative,  I’ll work to accomplish the following:



I have spent the last 10 years advocating for healthcare issues.  We must expand Medicaid to ensure that an additional 150,000 Kansans have health insurance, save our rural hospitals, and protect countless more individuals from having to go without the care they need. We also need to lower pharmaceutical costs and reform step therapy practices.

I will always vote to protect bodily autonomy and access to safe, legal abortions.  These are personal decisions between you and your healthcare provider. 

I also support legalizing medicinal cannabis. Kansans deserve access to this compassionate treatment option and regulating it will allow our state to benefit from its economic impact. We would be one of the last states to legalize medicinal cannabis.



Families move to Johnson County for the great schools, and our children deserve a quality public education. We must continue to fulfill our constitutional obligation to fully fund our public K-12 schools. We must invest in our students by ensuring that they leave school ready to enter the workforce, community college, technical and vocational schools, or four-year universities. We must stop the war on teachers. Our profession is underpaid and undervalued. We need to focus on raising teacher pay, reducing classroom size, and attracting and retaining paraprofessionals and teachers.



I support a sensible tax policy that balances income, sales, and property taxes. In the state house,  I’ll push for the immediate elimination of the state sales tax on groceries, instead of the current gradual approach. And to help fight inflation, I’ll work to put more money in Kansans’ pockets by increasing the standard deduction and reducing taxes on social security and retirement income. We also need to be aggressive in attracting high-growth businesses that create good paying jobs and capitalizing on our advantages in areas like wind and solar power.  


Gun Safety

My dad was a hunting guide and my children are Boy Scouts. I understand that gun ownership is an enormous responsibility. That’s why I support sensible gun laws that save lives. We must expand background checks on all gun sales, reinstate legislation that requires a permit and training for carrying a weapon, and treat gun violence like the public safety issue that it is. 



All means All. We must fight for statewide legislation that protects LGBTQ+ Kansans and does not discriminate against anyone based on gender identity and sexual orientation.  



Kansas is leading the way in wind and solar.  We are not doing enough to protect our planet for our future generations.  Kansas should capitalize on its assets and push for more sustainable public policy.